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Order and Shipping
  • How can I place an order through

    Placing an order through is both easy and safe.

    1. First, press the “Add to Cart” button and add the product that you want to buy to cart.
    2. After adding the product you want to buy to cart, go to the cart through pressing the “My Cart” button that is on the top right-hand corner.
    3. You should press the “Buy” button which is located in the lower section after evaluating the details such as number, size, and color.
    4. After pressing the “buy” button, you should complete membership information if you are not a member. If you are a member, please continue your transaction with the member login.
    5. At the last phase, you can complete your order through “complete the order” option keying in your payment information and delivery information.
  • How can I follow the order when I place an order without being a member?

    In order to follow your orders, you need to be a member. In the first order you will place without being a member, the system will determine an automatic membership for you. The information of this automatic membership that is determined (username and password) is being sent via e-mail. In order to start your membership and follow your order, you can request a new password from the section “I forgot my password” and log in the system with your new password and follow your orders.

  • Can I add products or remove them or make changes in my orders?

    In case you relay your request before the invoice of your order is made out; you can remove products but adding products or making changes is not possible. For further information about your request, you can reach out our Customer Services.

  • How can I learn the state of my order?

    After the member login in the home page, you can check all the information regarding your orders from the “My orders” button located on the top right-hand corner. Track information will be shared with you via SMS and e-mail after your order is sent by cargo.

  • My order is defective (damaged). What should I do?

    When a defective or damaged product is delivered to you, you can fill in the turn in slip which is on the front face of the product invoice completely and send it back to us free of charge by our contracted courier company together with the agreement code within 14 days.

    Cargo Agreement Code: 449484939

    The notification will be shared with you after the products you have sent back to us arrived. The payment shall be made within 14 days starting from the products are delivered to us. You will receive a notification mail regarding your refund process.

  • Do I have to be a member for placing an order?

    There is no need to become a member for placing an order. However, for placing your orders more quickly and make use of the campaigns special for you, for making your cancellation and return transactions more quickly, you should be a member.

  • Does the product I selected exist in the stocks?

    You can check whether the product you want to buy is in stock or not from the "Choose Size" section on the page regarding the product. If the size you are interested in is in the passive situation, this means that the product does not exist in the stocks.

  • What should I do if my order is delivered wrong?

    You can fill in the turn in slip which is on the front face of the product invoice completely and send it back to us free of charge by our contracted courier company together with the agreement code within 14 days.

  • What is my cart? How is it used?

    You can add the product that you liked when surfing on the product pages to cart through pressing the “Add to Cart” buttonYou can use your discount vouchers from “My Cart” screen. You can also determine the number of the products you want to buy on this screen. During shopping, in case you give up from buying a product, you can remove the product from your cart pressing the “X” or the “Remove” button that is on the right-hand side of the product. You can see the total VAT included prices for your orders and the cargo cost (cargo cost may be zero during campaign periods) from the “Total” section of your cart.

  • How can I understand whether a discount or gift voucher I use is applied?

    You can make the necessary checks from the right bottom part of “My Cart” where the total amount for your order is located.

  • Can I use my gift voucher for any order?

    You can use your gift voucher for your order which it is valid for.

  • My order was not completed but still I was charged. What should I do?

    You can send your abstract of account or extract of account showing you are charged to our e-mail address or reach out through our Customer Services representative calling +90 850 811 3434.

  • How soon will my orders to be given to the courier?

    Your orders are delivered to the courier within 24 hours starting from the date they are placed.

  • How long does it take my order to be delivered to me?

    The delivery time of the cargo may vary depending on the shipping company and address. All our shipments are sent via Express shipping system. You can track the cargo status with your postal code shared with you.

  • How will I know if my order has been shipped?

    When your orders are shipped, e-mails and SMS including also the “Shipping Code” are shared.

  • How much is the shipping fee?

    The shipping fee varies depending on the number of products and shipment country. You can check the shipping fee when you come to “Payment” screen. You can benefit from free shipping opportunities by following the campaign periods.

  • Where is my shipment?

    You can track your shipment with the “shipping code” shared by SMS and e-mail, or you can get support from our Customer Service representatives in this matter.

  • What's the shipping tracking number?

    The shipping tracking number is the number that you can track the status of your order after your order has been shipped.

  • Overseas return

    You can return the product you have bought (except for the products  under the categories of underwear, personal care, swimwear and dressy) within 14 days starting from the date it is delivered to you in its original packing provided that the hygiene label is not taken off and it did not lose its feature of salability.

    You can return the products under the categories of underwear, personal care, swimwear and dressy provided that its package is not opened, its label is not removed, it is not tried on or worn and it is delivered to the courier within 24 hours starting from the date it is delivered to you.

  • return address

    You can make your overseas returns to the address below:

    Address: İstanbul Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Kazlıçeşme Cad. No:58, İPEKİŞ LOGISTICS CENTER Tuzla/İstanbul/Turkey

     There is a possibility that the packages returned from abroad may be subject to customs in the country of destination. In this case, customs officers will contact you to inform you about what to do to receive your package. Customs fees may vary depending on your order and country. In case the shipments are stuck in customs, the responsibility belongs to the customer.

  • Which Courier Company do you work with?

    We work with Yurtiçi Kargo within Turkey; and DHL, PTS or B2C Direct abroad depending on your location.

  • What should I pay attention to when receiving my cargo?

    Please check if there is a problem such as opening, tearing, crushing, wetting etc when receiving your package from the courier company. Never accept delivery when you see a problem. Ask a damage report to be formed and inform the Customer Service.

    If you encounter a problem such as missing package etc. after receiving the cargo;

    Get in contact with the courier company and ask a damage report to be formed. Inform us sending an e-mail to

  • What if I am not at the delivery address when the cargo arrives?

    If you are not at the address mentioned; your order will be delivered to the nearest courier branch and you will be left with an information note. Within 3 days, you need to take your package from the specified branch. Otherwise, your order will be returned to

  • Can I deliver my cargo from the branch?

    With your cargo tracking number, you can contact the shipping company to indicate that you want to receive the shipment from the branch.

  • Can the products I bought at different times be sent in the same package?

    Each order is considered as a separate shipment. There is no guarantee that the orders you place at different times can be delivered at the same time.

  • International Shipping

    Your cargo fee varies according to the country to be shipped and the number of products. You can see the shipping fee in the cart choosing the country on the purchase screen. Through our contracted cargo companies, we can make deliveries to the addresses outside Turkey within 2 - 7 working days. Currently, our company covers the courier fee. Payment with a credit card or debit is available abroad. Payment via Transfer / EFT is accepted.

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