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  • What are your payment options?

    The payment options that we accept are:

    Paying at the door, with a credit card, Debit card and wire payment are accepted.

  • Do you do installments in the orders?

    You can conduct transactions in installments in all of your orders with cards of our contracted bank.

  • How can I use the prize points in my credit card?

    We cannot eventuate shopping with the prize points in your credit cards.

  • Can I make the payment at the door?

    We provide “payment at door” service. In case you prefer paying at the door option; you can make the payment regarding your product in cash or with your bank card. After you made the payment at the door, you should definitely tick the box showing that you are making the payment whether in advance or with a bank card.

    *A service fee of 5,5 TL is received by the courier company in cases of payment at the door.

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