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The beauties of women coming from creation, have sometimes not valued by social norms as they deserve. It was based on to get changed, to change, to be better and to be more. All Renaissance and medieval periods, including the Rococo period, in which Marie Antoinette played the leading role as you can remember her from “If they have no bread, let them eat cake”, passed with women's efforts such as to fit into the corsets often enough to endanger their own health, to shape their hair with large knobs sometimes exceeding 50 centimeters and to avoid being exposed to the sun because white skin was being accepted at that time. This was long before women became aware of their real power. As beautiful, smart and unique women as they are, do not need characters that require exaggerated colors and patterns and avant-garde forms, to be noticed. They are honest, strong and so stylish women…


This trend is also on the radar of the great fashion houses. In the designs sent to the podium by the Italian fashion house Gucci, whose creative director is Alessandro Michele, in 2018 Fall / Winter season, there were pieces to adapt to the wardrobe of men and women in every different opinion… From the sculptural view reminiscent of an installation art by the Turkish model Oyku Bastas, to the neo-modern turban combination carried by Mae Mei Lapres… The long, embroidered collar and sleeves, blue jacket on Marusia Igoshina, the match of white lace dress and the tights, is a proof that the conservative fashion has a voice in the most prominent podiums with a beret-scarf blend accessory that closes with a brooch.


The case is not limited to Gucci. Another great Italian brand Max Mara's model Halime Aden, who placed in their podium since the last winter season, has an important place in the fashion world. She is the first person who joined to the beauty contest with her turban, and refused to take off her turban while modeling. She had the chance to carry characteristic and not-exaggerated designs of Max Mara without sacrificing his religious beliefs. Celine, signed by Phoebe Philo, who have dominated social media as “Old Céline” by now, Valentino and Loewe are among the fashion authorities who support the beauty of women despite their differences,  with their designs.


Sometimes a monochrome, serene but enriched with details; or a simple white shirt with a private brand on the collar line… A special plaid skirt with an asymmetrical cut or a trench coat that challenges transient trends. The transformation of these parts, that can be seen sophisticated, bohemian, sometimes romantic and sometimes masculine whenever you want, depending exactly on how they are matched. In this season, when Mizalle opened its doors to the world of fashion; there are pieces that will allow you to express yourself as what you are, without trying to change you. Because Mizalle pursues the fashion that embraces women as they are…